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Players Assessments

The Scouting Network also provides detailed player assessments to our clients, offering them a different perspective and additional support during the transfer windows. Our extensive database and many years of player coverage means that we can supply quick and accurate reports which can be provided within 24 hours.

  • Full “Player Profiles” on requested player(s) worldwide which will include the following information:
  • Individual details: (for example: name, also known as, date of birth, place of birth, nationality and height).
  • Full career domestic and international playing statistics, plus a breakdown of every game he has played within the past twelve months.
  • Contract expiry date.
  • Name of agent or agencies. (when available) 
  • Short independent player assessments provided by our scouts from around the world.

Opposition Assessments

For over 10 seasons now, we have provided a number of professional clubs, fully comprehensive scouting assessments in which to help them prepare for up-and-coming opponents. We have an excellent reputation within the scouting industry, which is due to our experience and level of commitment to our client base.

The Scouting Network provides professionally presented reports, compiled by our experienced team of trained scouts, who have all held posts as either Managers, Coaches or Chief Scouts within the professional game.

  • We will provide our own ticketing to the game of your choice, anywhere within the UK.
  • We will prepare and e-mail the completed report to you within 48 hours of the game.
  • For team assessments, we provide a full report, their line-ups and formations, current suspensions, plus who is currently injured and who might or might not be available.

Pre-Match Statistics & Data

The Scouting Network now offers pre-match statistics and data to assist with opposition reports, in order to better understand the trends and playing styles of up-and-coming opponents over a requested game period.

Our statistics and data currently include:

  • Formations from the last 5 games
  • Average positions, pass maps and xgchain
  • Defensive and attacking positions
  • Crossing percentages

Player Agencies

Supporting players agencies is important at The Scouting Network.  Over the years we have built up strong relationships with many of the top player agencies across the world, whereby they ask TSN to either evaluate their own players or use us to help find clubs for some of their players who would be looking for a move or soon to be out of contract. Once again, we provide a full impartial player profile report, plus utilise our extensive network of contacts to try and get their players placed with a club.

Bespoke Projects

We have regularly been tasked with carrying out bespoke projects for clubs and player agencies, which include monitoring players of a certain age from a specific country, track defined types of players from a particular continent, to creating a player tracking system based on information received by the club from player agencies.

Supporting Clubs

Throughout the year we help clubs with their player recruitment, both in terms of watching players live and providing in-depth assessments, alongside producing our full player profiles on potential targets. Clubs often confidentially share with us their target objectives for the forthcoming transfer window and ask for a list of players which we feel fits the criteria they have given us. All of these suggested players are accompanied by one of our player profile reports, together with the reasoning behind our decision.

We also provide a more in-depth report on a requested player, by watching them live, anywhere in the world, specifically for a client, which details the players Technical, Tactical, Physical and Character traits, together with an overall impartial evaluation of that players potential.

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Throughout the year we help clubs with their player recruitment, both in terms of watching players live and providing in-depth assessments, alongside producing our full player profiles on potential targets – Lets Talk!

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